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 Vishnu Riding Garuda
 Wat Kaolam
 5x5 cm
Untitled Document

PhraNarai Srong Kruith - Vishnu(Narai) riding garuda

Image of PhraNarai raiding garuda, backside Hanumarn gape into stars and moon. Great amulet, nice designed, powerful bless/chant by Luangpu Garlong and many guru monks from 6 ceremonies.

This amulet is precious and powerful blessing.

1. Great ceremony bless/chant the amulet, 9 days 9 nights. 32 guru monks participated in the ceremony bless/chant the amulet.

2. Ceremony at Wat Norngdhong 30 August b.e.2550. 80 guru monks

3. Ceremony at WatPhradoo Nakhonsriayuttaya province 15 September b.e.2550

4. Luangpu Garlong solo bless/chant June-October b.e.2550

5. Ceremony at WatKaolam 13 October b.e.2550. 10 guru monks

6. Ceremony at WatSutat 20 October b.e.2550, many monks participate in the ceremony

The amulet is one powerful amulet by Luangpu Garlong, powerful blessing fortune.

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