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Phra Rarhu

Wat Srisrathong

The temple builded in B.E.2358 Rattanagosin era in the reign of King Rama 1st. Wat Srisrathong is the original of PhraRarhu amulet and ceremony in Thailand, founded by Luangpor Noi an abbot of Wat Srisrathong at this temple. Rarhu is the giant god who eaten the sun and moon, in Thailand people worship PhraRarhu for strong success in wealth luck fortune and protection. These are the best of PhraRarhu amulets from Thailand, all the batch create follow the same way Luangpor Noi made since the first batch. (Wat=Temple, Srisra=Head, Thong=Gold)

In those days the area that Srisathong Temple stands now was dry and deserted because it was far away from the river. This area was in Huaytako Sub-District. Later Laotians from Vientiane immigrated to live near the river where is called "Klong Koowieng Temple" in present. Some of the Laotians lived in Baan Kluay and the others lived in area where Srisathong Sub-District stands now. They deforested and cleared the land for plantation. They grew rice and vaious kinds of vegetables. Their families and population increased so it became a village.

The villagers had plentiful life and then contributed their money to construct a temple for their village. During the construction, they found the Buddha's golden head under the ground. It was considered as the auspicious sign. As the result of this, the villagers named the temple "Huathong Temple" (Golden Head Temple).

Luangpor Tai, a Laotian monk from Vientiane, became the first abbot of the temple. Huathong Temple was developed to be bigger then it used to be. There have been six abbots descended up to now. In the period of Luang Por Noi Nawarat, he made both of the temple and the village so glorious.

Later King Rama IV ordered to dig a canal from the Nakhon Chaisri River to Phra Pathong Chedi, called "Klong Chedu Bucha" for more convenient transportion to pay homage to Phra Pathom Chedi. This canal lined past the southern part of the village and Huathong Temple. As the result of this, many people moved to settle down near the canal for convenience. Huathong Temple was also moved to locate near Klong Chedi Bucha. Then Luangpor Noi changed its name into "Srisathong Temple". Besides, the government has promoted the village to be Srisathong Sub-district so far.

Phra Rarhu

Phra Rarhu is the famous auspicous amulet of Srisrathong Temple. Phra Rarhu is a mythological giant god who is supposed to cause elipses by taking the moon or the sun in his mouth. He is a kind of giant in Thai myth. The legend is that Phra Rarhu was an immortal giant because he drank some holy nectar. The temple created Phra Rarhu amulet not only - taking the moon in his mouth - but also taking the sun in his mouth.

The legend of creation of Phra Rarhu is that Phra Rarhu was created by the two hermits. One of them was penance in the cave on Nantakhate Mountain. Both ot them created magical drawing and magic words in order to sanctify Phra Rarhu amulet. One hermit created magical drawing and magic words of Suriyabuppa (eclipse of the sun period) to sanctify Phra Rarhu which taking the sun in his mouth. The other hermit created magical drawing and magic words of Chandrabuppa (eclipse of the moon period) to sanctify Phra Rarhu which taking the moon in his mouth. The two hermits made those things because they had foresight to know that humans will face with danger and grieves in the future. The auspicious amulet, Phra Rarhu could help people free from those ones.

To sanctify Phra Rarhu amulet, it must be made 8 periods for being holy and effective. Phra Rarhu amulets ar emade of one eyes coconut shells which are rarely found out. In general, the coconut shell has got three holes on the top, one of them is a hole for sprout and the other two are its eyes. But the one eyed coconut shell has got one hole for sprout and has got an only eye. This special kind of coconut shell is considered as the mighty amulet object by itself. Although it is not sanctified, it stil has supernatural power. The one eyed coconut shell has many magic qualifications as follow :

1) It can used as a bowl to measure rice for cooking. If you run a business, you will get more possessions. If you are a farmer, you will get good farm crops. And if you are an official, you will get the highest rank of all.

2) It can be used as an amulet because it has got holy power by itself. If it is sanctified, it will have more supernatural power.

3) It is used to prevent you from the mischief, sourcery and evil spirits.

4) If you have one and you always pay homage to it, you wil obtain a lot of properties and money will come in continuously.

5) The ancient quack used it as a tool to cut out the corneal opacity.

By Ms.Wanida Thammanukitcharoen.

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Luangpor Noi Wat Srisrathong

Full name "Noi Navarut" born 14 Febuary B.E.2435 Dragon year. He's the 5th abbot of the temple and the founder of PhraRarhu amulet which is the most famous rarhu amulets from Thailand until present days. All amulets consecrate alway following Luangpor Noi's knowledge of ceremony. PhraRarhu bring powerful protection and great wealth luck fortune to the wearer. These are the best of Thailand amulet, powerful and recommend.

History of Wat Sisathong

Wat Sisathong Temple is a private temple under the Mahanikaya Symbol located at 22 Village No. 1 Sisathong Sub-District, Nakhonchaisri District, Nakhonpathom province. The area the temple is established has an area of 63 Rai 3 Ngan 200 square Wa as in the Title Deed No.113,114,115,118,210 having the territory as follows.

North Point - against the land of Title Deed No.200

South Point - against the Electric train of the South

East Point - against the land of Title Deed No.101

West Pint - against land of Title Deed No.112

The location of the temple and the Sangkha land of Sisathong Temple.

Track No.1, area established of the present temple has an area of 15 Rai 3 Ngan 1 Square Wa, located at Village No 1 Sisathong Sub-district, Nakhonchaisri District, Nakhonpathom Province (Together with the location of Hygienic Station)

Track No.2, The location of Wat Sisathong School has an area of 7Rai located at Village No.2 Sisathong Sub-District, Nakhonchaisri District, Nakhonpathom Province.

Track No.3 At the old cemetry, there is an area of 12 Rai 1 Nage 40 Square Wa located Village No.2 Sisathong Subdistrict, Nakhonchaisri District, Nakhonpathom Province.

Track No.4 Location of old temple having an area of 11 Rai, 1 Ngan 60 Square Wa located at Village No.2 Sisathong Sub-District, Nakhonchaisri District, Nakhonpathom Province.

Track No.5 Having the donation for the land of Sankha of more than 1 Ngan 40 Square Wa.

Track No.6 To purchase in addition to build the school for 8 Rai 1 Ngan 80 Square Wa.


Wat Sisathong, previously called Wat Huathong, built in the period of prime Ratanakosin as in the Royal Gazette, announced to establish the temple in the year of 2358, requesting the last order on 22 Febuary 2530. In the period of his Majesty Phra Buddha Yodfar Jalaloke the Great (King Rama 1st), First Reign, humbly invite Royal Emerald Buddha from Vientiane the instate at Bangkok Metropolis and migrating Viantians to set up in many places, such as at the border of Thajeen River (Nakhonchaisri river) Western Side, at the Wat Klang Khuwiang at Bankluay Canal. Another group, set up at far Thajeen River at the compound present Huay Taka and set up a village called Huathong Village because of the dig of Golden Buddha Head that is the good emblem. Grouping together as large community then comes the idea to build a temple. (Wat Srisathong = Golden head temple)

Later the Authority had dug canal from Thajeen River (Nakhonchaisri River) at Tonson Market for the royal parth to adore the Grand Pathom Jaydee, the Public then moved to the rim of Jaydee Bucha Canal and then set up in state as Sisathong Sub-District, In this instance have also moved the temple also for the convenience in the travel and changed the name of the temple from Huathong to "Wat Srisathong" until now.

Wat Sisathong is counted as an old temple in Nakhonchaisri District, Nakhonpathom Province, having both Archaeology of object. It is a temple to study in relation to star story and horoscope, astronomy and herbs sice the past

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