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Phra Somdej Amulets from WatRakhang Bangkok - Thailand

Somdej Toh is founder of Chinnabunchorn mantra, the famous mantra that buddhism all over the world chant. This mantra gather all source of positive energy, blessing from spirits and mandala, most important mantra that he chant to consecrated PhraSomdej WatRakhang. All amulets with Somdej Toh image from our website shown in the magazine, people can find best of Somdej Toh's amulets locate all in the website.

Jatukarm Ramathep, a name of the god thai people worship since the era of srivichai. The spirits of the King, Narai avatar and the spirit who protection the center altar in Nakhonsridhumararth province . In every province of Thailand, there are city altar, in the past with ritual, there are alway sacrifice life underneath the altar pole. With their auspice name such as "Stand, Strong, Still, Alway" in thai. Their sacrifice spirit lie there for eternal protect the living of the city. Every province altar in Thailand are powerful until these day. Jatukarm Ramathep is one of the most powerful spirits that grant strong protection and prosperous life.

PhraRarhu a giant god who eaten the sun and the moon. Strong protection and wealth luck fortune. Click here for the best Phra Rarhu amulets from Thailand. There are many monks/temples made these famous amulets. provide the best of all.

For top 3 guru monks amulets in Thailand are by Somdej Toh, Luangpu Tuad and Luangpor Ngern. These 3 amulets are the most famous for all times. The magazine shown collection of Luangpu Tuad's amulets from our website.

Luangpu Tuad Nervarn b.e.2497 are well known for every collectors, these are the 1st batch of Luangpu Tuad bless/chant by Luangpu Tim WatCharnghai and the mould creator work by Dr.Maitri Bunsoong. At present, these amulets are high values and precious.

Buttom left image, ceremony worship Luangpu Tuad at WatHuaymongkon, thousands of monks gathered to pay respect to the guru monk. These ceremony are powerful blessing, the amulets of the ceremony shown at the variety section of Luangpu Tuad's amulet from WatHuaymongkon.

Luangpor Pern WatBarngphra. Sakyans or spells tattoo are famous world-wide, when Luangpor Pern is still alive, he is the no.01 of sakyan 9 yod mantra and protection mantra from his amulets. Luangpor Pern is the pilgrimage guru monk who success the full of kindness even animals can feel. He ride the tiger in the forest with all villager admire his success. His tiger holy items are one most powerful holy items of Thailand.

Trimurathi is the birth of universe image of Shiva/Narai/Phrom(Brahma), in thailand we call PhraTrimirathi or Issuan in hindu. Click here for Luangpu Key's amulets. A guru monk who bless/chant these holy items shown in the magazine, a good friends to Luangpu Hong and Luangpor Rith.

Since the PhraSomdej WatRakhang by SomdejToh become the no.01 of all amulets in Thailand. Many monks/temples bless/chant PhraSomdej amulet. The magazine shown all the best types, good batch and recommend at ,

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